Anglo- Spanish musician Steven Munar is in the UK presenting his latest LP

by Brit Es Magazine
Steven Cover

Steven Munar is an Anglo- Spanish musician with over 20 years’ experience. Here’s only word that comes to mind to describe ‘Time Traveler’ Steven’s new work …outstanding!


Steven Munar

The Anglo-Majorcan has released his third record in the usual Munar style, but with tones along a path which take us directly to the great records and artists of the 70’s. “Break the rules!” (…); if another world is possible, you can be sure that this record is going to be your music. Recorded in the old style…

Steven Munar is in the UK presenting his latest LP, the compilation !5 years of Songs (Flor y Nata Records 2015).

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24/03/16 Steven Munar & Jonny Owens – London – Biddle Bros

25/03/16 Steven Munar – Folkestone, Kent – The Lime Bar

26/03/16 Steven Munar – Wingham, Kent – The Anchor at Wingham

27/03/16 Steven Munar – St Leonards-on-Sea – Gecko Bar & Bistro



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