Arts Catalyst presents a solo exhibition by Ignacio Acosta, into a programme which investigates the politics of extraction across the planet.

by Brit Es Magazine

The ecology of extractive practices is a poisonous one. In Chile as in Sámi areas in northern Sweden, mining activities by multinational corporations are both visibly and invisibly shaping the landscape, intoxicating water, soil and air while displacing agricultural and indigenous communities. The excavation, extraction and exploitation of minerals – justified by the promise of immediate accelerated economic growth – means that spaces inhabited by communities become ravaged by desertification, contamination and expropriation, and sites of political and environmental dispute.

Building on ongoing research into extractive activities in Chile and Swedish Sábme, Tales from the Crust presents existing and new work by Chilean artist Ignacio Acosta, comprising documents, films, photographs, maps and objects. The programme will hone in on ways in which local and transnational acts of resistance are making use of technologies (such as drones) in order to monitor the impacts of extractive industries and develop micropolitical strategies. Resistance Labs is a series of discursive events, workshops and broadcasts that will bring to the fore existing forms of solidarity between various anti-mining movements, and address the role that counter-actions can play on a planetary scale.

This solo exhibition presents existing and new work by Acosta comprising documents, films, photographs, maps and objects.

Photo © Ignacio Acosta: Demonstration outside Antofagasta PLC Annual General Meeting. Church House, London, England, 2013

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Ignacio Acosta: Tales from the Crust

Arts Catalyst, London:
26 September – 26 November 2019
Opening Thu 26 September 2019, 6.00pm

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