#LatinBritEs: Michael Yaikel, Future Folk

by Brit Es Magazine
Michael Yaikel is a young Chilean artist that belongs to a new generation of South American artists that are no longer looking for inspiration across the pond but find a deeper affinity with the ancient traditions and legends of pre-Columbian civilisations.

A constant theme in Yaikel´s work is his interest in exploring the contrast in between men and nature. His murals urge us to connect with beauty and grow like moss on stone bringing the primogenial power of La Pachamama (Mother Nature) to the urban landscape of Santiago de Chile. His use of colour and his subjects are equally challenging to the perception of what folklore and street art should be. The result it still folk art, but not as we know it.

Can you introduce yourself ?
Hi, good people of Europe, my name is Michael and I am a 30 years old painter that lives and works in Santiago de Chile.

For someone that doesn’t know your work, how would you describe your painting style?
I like to paint things that I find interesting, and most of them are plants and people. I paint scenes that I made up in a very synthetic and colourful style, trying to evoke interesting forms and shapes that I’ve seen somewhere before.


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