Aracaladanza in association with MOKO Dance presents “Constellations”

by Brit Es Magazine

Constellations is presented in association with MOKO Dance, a national dance partnership led by DanceEast dedicated to opening the eyes of children and their families to the power of dance.

Multi-award winning international company Aracaladanza consistently delights audiences throughout Europe with their extraordinarily magical dance theatre made especially for children and families. Aracaladanza received the National Theatre Award in 2010 for their “commitment” to young audiences and for their “artistic, aesthetic and technical proficiency”, also various prizes at FETEN (European Theatre Fair for young boys and girls) and several Max (annual prizes for the performing arts in Spain). Applauded by critics, followed by audiences and invited to national and international festivals, Aracaladanza is well known for its unusual working method, its innovative sets and scenery and its exquisite shows for children and teenagers.

These works are based on simple stories. Through costume design, music, rhythm and movement they manage to engage the adult spectator in a fantastic world that has some of the qualities of dreams.

In Constellations, choreographer Enrique Cabrera has taken the brilliantly abstract work of artist Joan Miró as his starting point and repeatedly fills his imaginary blank canvas with vivid colours, shape and movement. Wonderful dance, ingenious puppetry and terrific digital visuals are delivered with the trademark playfulness, creativity and style which mark this company out as one of the most accessible, and one of the best.

Suitable for ages 4+

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