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Check out our #6toSee for May 2017, a selection of six art exhibitions at some of the London’s best art galleries. Our critics pick the six must-see art exhibitions in London for this month. We hope you like them!

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1. Mamen Morillas: ‘Sleeping Forest’. College of Contemporary Art. 29 April – 05 May. London. Sleeping Forest is the first London solo show by artist and illustrator Mamen Morillas, presented by the College of Contemporary Art and curated by Agnese Reginaldo. The exhibition is a walk through nature, memories and dreams. It is a place between cruel reality and a fairy tale; it brings together diverse research that sews a story and builds up an unique body of work. The exhibition displays paintings and drawings of the first walk through the forest, part of the series Invisible Ecosystem combined into new group of embroidering of neurones and a final installation of ceramics from which the exhibition takes the name. Sleeping Forest is a play of materials, surfaces, colours and textures that recreate a lonely yet dreamy place to live forever.


2. Javier Chozas: ‘Enclave 7: Enclave Lab | We’re All Involved In This Mess Performance’. Enclave. Deptford, London. Organized by 17 postgraduate curating students from Goldsmiths University, We’re All Involved In This Mess is an experimental performative exhibition at EnclaveLab in London. The three-week long exhibition consists of a flux of performances and site-specific creations in which artists engage both with the space and with the previous works, leaving a succession of traces along the way. 


3. Cristobal Balenciaga: ‘Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion’. V&A Museum. 27 May – 18 Feb 2018. London. Cristóbal Balenciaga is one of the most revered and influential designers of the 20th century. His unique and forward-thinking vision of female beauty, innovative use of textiles and ingenious pattern-cutting, shaped the modernity of 1960s fashion and continues to shape fashion today. Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion is the first exhibition on Balenciaga in the UK and marks the 100th anniversary of the opening of his first fashion house and 80 years since the opening of his famous house in Paris. The exhibition will take an in-depth look at the craftsmanship behind Balenciaga’s designs and will explore his impact through designers who worked with him and those who show his influence today.


4. Elena García de la Fuente. Solo Show at The Last Supper Galler. 6 May – 28 May. London. Elena García de la Fuente’s paintings explore certain codes of behaviour inside the museum in a playful manner. When visiting an exhibition she becomes a voyeur looking for interesting scenes that catch her attention and takes photos of people without them noticing. She later uses these photos as source material for her paintings, which make reference at how we look and interact with the world around us, touching themes such as the way we look at art through modern technology. The paintings also reflect spaces of quietness and stillness that hold a poetic element, inviting us to meditate and create our own narrative. The artist says: “I’m fascinated by the parallelism created between the moment the viewer faces my paintings and the scenes represented, realising they have become part of the work and that they’re probably being observed by an audience.”


5. Isabel Muñoz, Alberto Ros, Paloma Navares, Jesús Madriñán, Lois Patiño, Lluís Hortalà and Miguel Trillo at Photo London. Somerset House. 18 May – 21 May. London. Blanca Berlin’s and RocioSantaCruz’s stands will be the two Spanish galleries invited to the event at this year edition of the fair. Photo London was created to give London an international photography event befitting the city’s status as a global cultural capital. Now in its third edition, Photo London has established itself as a world-class photography fair and as a catalyst for London’s dynamic photography community. From the capital’s major museums, to its auction houses, galleries large and small, right into the burgeoning creative communities in the East End and South London, Photo London harnesses the city’s outstanding creative talent and brings together the world’s leading photographers, curators, exhibitors, dealers and the public to celebrate photography, the medium of our time.


6. Graham Evans, Julio Etchart, Susana de Dios, Rita Alvarez Tudela, Andreia Alves de Oliveira, Dabid Bate, Heike L, Raquel Carro Lopez, Borja Pena, Silvia Dabrio, Laura Franco Martinez, Rachel and Eloise Mangaya.  ‘EUROPA. Migrants: Europeans in the UK:  What does home means to you?’ Sunday, 7th of May. Dalston, London.  Today we are living transitional and uncertain times, when we are in/ out Europe. We are outside Europe after last year Referendum’s outcome, but we are in Europe because the exit has to be negotiated. EUROPA is an exhibition of art which enables people to showcase their artwork. EUROPA’s aim is to reach and engage an extensive and diverse community in the course of daily life through “Identity- Photography- Voice”. The exhibition will be part of a programme; talks and poetry. 6.30 pm Introduction by the curator Zia Fernandez Ibarreche 7.00 pm “The Ideology of Home” talk by Graham Evans 7.30 pm “At Home” talk by Susana de Dios 8.00 pm “A place Called Diaspora” talk by Andreia Alves de Oliveira 8.30 pm Drinks and debate.



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