Ira Lombardía (Asturias, Spain, 1977) at the second edition of SCAN summer residency program in London

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LONDON. Ira Lombardía “SCAN-AR #2. ARTISTS RESIDENCY”. July 2018. Scan Project Room

Ira Lombardía (Asturias, Spain, 1977) is the selected artist for the second edition of SCAN summer residency program. She will be occupying the SCAN project room as her studio and production space during the month of July.

Ira Lombardía is an artist and researcher who works in different media such as photography, video, graphic design or sculpture. With her work she questions discourses, dynamics and rhetorics that have been assumed in the realm of contemporary art, image and philosophy. The production, both theoretical and practical, focuses on the transformation of the postmodern paradigm in relation to the digital visual culture. This line of research interest has led to generate proposals that challenge traditional forms of production, exhibition and documentation.

Her work has been exhibited internationally in venues such as the Liverpool Biennial in 2014 or The Billboard Creative in Los Angeles in 2016 or Festival Europeo de Fotografía in Regio Emilia, Italy. At a national level she has exhibited among other spaces in the CCCB of Barcelona, the National Library of Madrid and the Center Of Young Art of the Community of Madrid. In addition, her doctoral research project, which she is developing at the Complutense University of Madrid under the title Transfotography or Postphotographic Derivative: a re reading of photographic theory in the Post-Internet era, has received the support of institutions such as the Banco Santander Foundation, The University of Córdoba.

The studio will be opened to the public with the occasion of ‘Nocturnal Creatures’ the East London Art Night organised by Whitechapel Gallery on 21st of July. The artist will deliver a talk about her practice and work in progress at 19 pm.

Cover image © Ira Lombardía ‘And I think to myself what a wonderful world (guidebook)’, 2012-2014 Credits: Courtesy of Galería Alarcón Criado / SCAN

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SCAN Project Room, 13-19 Herald Street London, United Kingdom


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