Open Call: Maria José Jove Foundation’s Art Therapy Essay & Research Award

by Brit Es Magazine
The A Coruña based María José Jove Foundation has announced its inaugural Therapeutic Applications of Art Research and Essay Award, created to contribute to the study, dissemination and use of art as a therapeutic tool, as well as promoting the contemporary line of thinking based on an interdisciplinary approach.

This is a groundbreaking international initiative – the winner will have their study published, and will also receive a 6.000 € prize. Entries must be submitted between 13th July and 19th November 2018, with the winner announced in December.

The 2018 edition of the María José Jove Foundation Art Therapy Applications Research and Essay Award is open to anyone aged over 18, of any nationality and place of residence. Entrants must submit a monograph on a topic related to art as a form of therapy, addressed from various referential fields, including, but not limited to, art, philosophy, sociology, psychology, education psychotherapy and anthropology. The dissertations must consist of no fewer than 100 and no more than 150 numbered pages. Full details of the rules are available on the website at

© Antony Gormley. 'Quantium Void VIII (2010)'

© Antony Gormley. ‘Quantium Void VIII (2010)’ (Detail). Image courtesy of Maria Jose Jove Foundation

The panel of judges will comprise the President of the María José Jove Foundation, Felipa Jove; the Collection Director, project manager and exhibition organiser Susana González; the current Director of the Castilla y León Museum of Contemporary Art, writer, art critic and exhibition organiser Manuel Olveira; psychoanalyst and expert in psychoanalytic theory and artistic languages Montserrat Rodríguez; lecturer, writer, researcher and project manager Jorge Blasco; and psychiatrist and essayist Guillermo Rendueles. The judges will particularly value those essays that stand out for their originality, analysis and interdisciplinary nature. Further criteria for consideration will include the presentation delivery, coherence, pace and an appropriate degree of formality.

The headquarters of the María José Jove Foundation house an Art Collection featuring a range of Spanish and international figures and art movements from the 19th to the 21st centuries. The collection forms the basis for a series of programmes targeting people with functional diversity or at risk of exclusion in which art is used as a tool for stimulating their creative potential, as well as their personal and cognitive development. The aim is to encourage expressive attitudes capable of channelling sensations and experiences. The programmes include various alternative forms of artistic expression that provide tools for communication, boosting and bringing to the fore the participants’ most creative side and contributing to their integral development and wellbeing.

Cover © Sofía Táboas. ‘La Belleza (2015)’. Image courtesy of Maria Jose Foundation

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