Live streaming: Follow up the non stop drawing action ‘TRANSCRIPTION’ by OLGA DIEGO at SCAN Project Room in London

by Brit Es Magazine

The Spanish artist Olga Diego is doing from today (16/01/18-12h) an artistic experiment that aims to explore the limits of the mind in a creative process. She is, since 12:00 noon, drawing at SCAN project Room in London, without stopping for as many days as  her mind-body can resist without taking any rest.

Diego will not stop drawing even while eating, drinking, or doing any kind of physiological activity. She will take the paper with her and continue drawing at the same time. She will create a space with no imposed time limit, and where the creative mind could reach unknown places. Nor will she stop drawing in order to sleep because she will stay awake and draw day and night.

An experiment that maybe could answer questions such as: What is the mind capable of creating in an unknown context, or when it is subjected to extreme exhaustion? What are we able to draw when we do not have a time limit for it? As here the artist’s mind will be placed between absolute freedom and the limitation of its own capacity and resistance. How will this be reflected in the graphic image on paper? This graphic document together with the audio-visual documentation of the action will be material of a later study.

The action will be shown on live streaming on Internet until the end. This way, viewers will be able to see the action not only in the same exhibition space, but also on their computer from anywhere in the world, and at any time while the action is taking place.

The result will be a transcription of the different states of mind in the shape of graphic creation. These drawings will be on exhibit at the SCAN PROJECT ROOM from 20 January until 3 February.


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