“Matter” Group Show – County Hall Gallery

by Brit Es Magazine

WeCollect,  Scan and  Spain Now  are pleased to announce the opening of Matter, a group show with works by 13 international artists living and working in London: Holly Hendry, Ernesto Cánovas, Gracjana Rejmer, Robert Cervera, Patricia Pisanelli, Alan Sastre, Nora Aurrekoetxea, Antoine Langenieux-Villard, Silvia Lerín, Pablo Castañeda, Saelia Aparicio, Kristian Kragelund, Pablo A. Padilla Jargstorf.

“Matter” is the word for physical substance; it occupies space and possesses mass. At the same time matter is a subject for consideration, what happened, an incident, an episode; it is only a matter of time. But then again matter is also active, a state of significance, possibly fleeting; some things matter; it “Matter” to me. All three matter meanings are linked by a thread of weight or a measure of significance. If material “Matter”, if it is worthy of consideration, it may be as register of the development of an idea, or line of work. Reasoning is the act of thinking about something in a logical manner; material reasoning might be a manner or practice of thinking through material investigation, repetition, play or studio procedures. The artists participating in Matter pursue varied practices but share an interest in the investigation of material and work matter with and against meaning. Material and apparent meaning sometimes align, but not always; “Matter” are not what they seem. Like Peter Pan’s shadow, meaning can slip off, come unstuck. Peter’s shadow comes off when he flies out a closing window. What kind of synthesis occurs when meaning breaks loose? “Matter” holds meaning and lets it go. The thought moves on. The material remains, on the floor, the table, the wall. Maybe a new process begins. New Materialisms places matter at the centre of art practice and emphasise production over discourse and preferences the value of physicality and materiality over conceptual models based on language or syntax. Matter is what we see, and what we use to make. The works in Matter explore the possibilities of making and of material and play thoughtfully with what “Matter”.

Silvia Lerin. A metal flower is a dead flower (diptych), 2017Acrylic on canvas and on wood2x 152 X 274 X 15 Cms
Saelia Aparicio . Anatomy of Pleasure, 2017 (detail) Epoxy Resin, NSCPS, Polypropylene, gloves, hair, shoes, masturbator Variable Dimensions
Robert Cervera. Data Extrusions I, 2018 Display panel, concrete, photographic pigments from an original image by Peter Lamb.
Patricia Pissanelli. 22 Cubes of Mayo and a mayo cube, 2015 Beeswax, paraphin wax, microcrystal line wax, pigment, shelves. 7 x 180 x l 0 cm
Pablo Padilla
Pablo Castañeda. IMG_5156, 2019 Reinforced acrylic paint sheets, fabric, stretcher
Nora Aurrekoetxea. ST (Column), 2018 Plaster, ceinforcement bars, chain Dimensions Variable
Kristian Kragelund. Untitled_Cell4, 2018 Malfunctioned and anodised solar cells on board in welded steel frame, 90 x 140 cm
Holly Hendry. Attend to your configuration, 2017 Plaster, jesmonite, oak, pigment, steel, aluminum, marble, birch ply, cement, grit, rock salt, turmeric, ash 197cm x 60cm x 75cm
Ernesto Cánovas y Gracjana Rejmer. Transliterating films, 2018 Mixed media and fabric on aluminium 120x100 cm
Antoine Langenieux-Villard. Excavation, 2018 Polyolefin and emulsion on panel 123 x 160 cm.
Alan Sastre. MP Untitled (Payne’s Grey), 2018 Acrylic on canvas 150 x 120 cm

Text “Matter” by WeCollect,  Scan and  Spain Now 

More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/2175140622737270/

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