‘Pizza Man’ begins deliveries this December!

by Brit Es Magazine

Starbound Theatre is delighted to bring ‘Pizza Man’ by Darlene Craviotto to the London stage! At the Etcetera Theatre (Camden) from December 5th to 9th.

Dark and riotously funny, the play is as relevant today as it was when first performed in 1982.

It’s a hot summer evening in New York City and Julie Rodgers has had a bad day. She’s just been fired after being propositioned by her boss. She’s broke, disillusioned, and decides to drink the pain away. Her roommate, Alice, comes home wild and frantic.

Marta da Silva

Marta da Silva plays Julie Rodgers at Pizza Man

Her boyfriend has gone back to his wife, kick starting her unhealthy eating habits. Julie suggests another way to vent their man-induced frustrations: they should pick a guy, any guy… and take advantage of him. Men have been doing it for years, why can’t a woman try it? Enter: an unsuspecting pizza delivery man. Coaxed into the flat to share an innocent beer with two women.

Writer Darlene Craviotto has worked professionally in the entertainment industry for over twenty-five years. She wrote Hallmark Hall of Fame’s Love Is Never Silent, which won an Emmy for Outstanding Television Movie. Her feature film, Squanto: A Warrior’s Tale, a Walt Disney Film, garnered a Teddy Award for Best Family Film. Her award-winning play, Pizza Man, has been performed all over the world.

Starbound Theatre’s Artistic Director, Marta da Silva, who also plays Julie Rodgers said;

“We are really excited to present Pizza Man as our first ever production this year. This play is an excellent example of the kind of theatre that our company wants to create, focused on identity and the role of men & women in contemporary society. The themes of Pizza Man have never been more relevant, especially given the recent tidal wave of sexual assault and abuse of power allegations rocking the industry on both sides of the Atlantic. We hope to explore these sensitive subjects whilst retaining the fun, rebellious charm of Craviotto’s text.”

Marta da Silva is a multilingual actress and performer who has been part of a wide array of stage, screen and productions. Born in Madrid, raised between Spain and Portugal, and educated at a British school, she moved to Glasgow in the fall of 2012 to earn her MA in Acting at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. She is the artistic director of Starbound Theatre, a London based theatre company focused on the theme of identity.

The play, described as “a darling comedy of the female dilemma that deserves a long life” by Dramalogue, promises to deliver laughs and ask some difficult questions. It centers around two women trying desperately to regain control of their lives by taking away choice from a man. The evening gets wilder, crazier, angrier, and very, very funny.


Written by Darlene Craviotto
Directed by Madison Maylin
Stage management by Daniel Julian
Production Assistant Amy Serafin

Cast in alphabetical order:
Marta da Silva as Julie Rodgers
Katherine Kerman as Alice Meyerlink
Adam Strawford as Eddie

‘Pizza Man’ (by Darlene Craviotto) at Etcetera Theatre, London
Dates & Times: December 5th – 9th 7pm + Saturday 2pm
Tickets: https://www.ticketea.co.uk/tickets-theatre-pizza-man-by-darlene-craviotto/



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