There is life after Brexit // #2 Montse Gallego, Hundred Years Gallery, London

by Christian San Martin

Without trying to analyze the consequences and complexities of Brexit, we have asked some Spanish people who run businesses related to art and design in London to tell us how Brexit is affecting them in their work.

Hundred Years Gallery is a dynamic art space situated in Hoxton, East London supporting experimental and innovative art. The Gallery`s exhibition programme is aimed at presenting a wide spectrum of contemporary art production with an emphasis on providing a platform for radical ideas and young or unrepresented artists. The space also provides opportunities for those in the arts to become part of its exhibition programme through its annual open calls and editions project. Montse Gallego runs the gallery, she is also an artist who lives and works in London since many years ago.

We are experiencing a general state of uncertainty”

How has Brexit affected your business and projects?

The immediate reaction, on the first day after the results, was that many of our regulars came to the gallery and cry, ashamed of their country decision (for the British citizens) while the others, also incredulous of such a blow, came to comment and look for a kind of solidarity. After that, we are experiencing a general state of uncertainty that makes people to withdraw and wait to see what is going to happen. Many people are already leaving the country, many small offices and business closing… people are not spending money now in those things that are not a necessity. Sales have gone down dramatically in all senses.

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