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Brit Es Magazine – Issue # 0 Dreams

Artists: Óscar Díaz, Saelia Aparicio, Jorge Otero-Pailos, Compañía Kamikaze, Roberto González Fernández, Tania Bruguera, Nuria Güell, Juan delGado, isidro López Aparicio, Isabel Castro Jung, Pablo García García y Michael Jaikel.

Authors: Elena Lafuente Alonso, Elsa Veiga, Olga Pastor Alvarado, Malca Mizrahi, Raúl Losánez, Antonio Sierra, Ana González Chouciño, Miriam Rodríguez Debasa, Vanesa Cejudo, Xavier Alcalá, Luis Miguel Flores y Christian San Martín.

Photographers: Noela Roibás, David Guillén, Pablo Conejo, Cristina Calvo y Vanessa Rábade.

Illustrators: Javier Herero, Pablo Je Je, Joao Duarte Silva y Murnau Den Linden.

Translators: Ben Ffrancon Davies, Sarah Burne James, Danny Concha, William Carter, Daisy Thompson y Stephanie Back.

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Thirteen artists are collected at # 0 Dreams: industrial designer Óscar Díaz, a Leonese who lives and works in London has his own studio here and has made designs for Muji, Terra Plana, Hermés Japan or Phillips de Pury & Co; Saelia Aparicio, a Castilian with a transgressive and ironic work that tells us about gender, cultural identity and human relations; Jorge Otero-Pailos, architect based in NY with his artistic intervention ‘The Ethics of Dust’ in the Westminster Hall of the British Parliament; Isabel Castro Jung, great visual artist whose work moves between sculpture and performance; The theater company Kamikaze that is giving much to talk about since they have raised again the curtain of the Pavón Theate in Madrid, directed by Miguel del Arco; Galician artist Roberto González Fernández, who opened the doors of his house in Edinburgh and allowed us to see closely his work full of symbolism, strength and emotion. We also discover the work of the Chilean Michael Yaikel, who belongs to that generation of young South American artists who instead of seeking inspiration from across the pond is inspired by pre-Columbian cultures; Of the photographer Cristina Calvo, who shares in this issue his project ‘In, Out and Around’ exploring self-portrait through the timelessness of his large-format analogue camera.

We also talk about activism with the interview that we did to Tania Bruguera, the controversial Cuban artist who has challenged the Castro government on several occasions, being arrested and charged with “resistance and public disorder”; Following in line with our political and social context, we also chatted with Isidro López Aparicio about his work / action ‘Monetary Consciousness’, which makes us reflect on the concept of ‘value’ of European currencies. Nor have we wanted to stop playing another issue that we all have very present in the era of Trump, Brexit and Catalan independence: nationalism, so we visited in Girona the artist Nuria Güell, who is considered “stateless by choice” and Who in 2016 requested through one of his actions the renunciation of his Spanish nationality at the Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art in England and we also propose in # 0Dreams the work of Juan delGado who knows well the exodus and the suffering of the Syrians in This consented calvary of a war that does not end.

And between dreams and dreams we talked about cinema and surrealism in an article illustrated by Murnau Den Linden; Of literature and dreams in a text accompanied by a wonderful illustration of Javier Herrero; Of how fantastic chocolate is with a photo-painting of the series ‘Desiderátum’ by the Leonese artist Pablo García García and the Spanish ‘Dream Pop’ with Luís Miguel Flores, which includes a list of songs. More serious, but very ironic, is our article on the Brexit written by Mr. Alcalá and illustrated by João Duarte Silva.


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