Women in the Visual Arts Biennial 2018 breaks down barriers to land squarely in the epicentre of the London art scene.

by Brit Es Magazine
Brit Es Magazine and MAV Mujeres en las Artes Visuales (Women in the Visual Arts) are delighted to announce the presentation of the five artists selected for the Women in the Visual Arts Biennial 2018 in a two-day event in London.

• On 21st and 22nd November, the Women in the Visual Arts Biennial 2018 will take place in London; a presentation organized by the Spanish association MAV. Three days dedicated to art, gender, and networking.

• The programme has been set up to foster professional connections in a bid to improve the international visibility of women artists, curators, agents, and gallery owners by creating networks for women and collaborating to achieve equality.

• TheLeica Mayfair, Ordovás, The Ryder, SCAN,The Copperfield and County Hall galleries are among the collaborating spaces.

• Organized in collaboration with Brit Es Magazine, a cultural platform based in London working to create a space where British and Spanish culture meet.

WVAB-2018 (Women in the Visual Arts Biennial 2018)

WVAB-2018 brings with it hope, strength, and a renewed spirit to show the creative potential of women. It also aims to raise awareness of creations made by women artists and art professionals both in Spain and internationally. From March to December 2018, the Women in the Visual Arts Biennial brings together initiatives that make women and gender issues a source of reflection, debate, and creation.

The WVAB-2018 is now coming to London and, over two days, it will set out a programme that includes visits with galleries, curators, art professionals and a diverse range of cultural bodies in the British capital, not to mention the main event where the selected projects will be presented to the London public.


The event will take place in various venues including the visit to art galleries, such as Leica, Ordovas, and Halcyon in Mayfair, The Ryder and SCAN in East London, and Copperfield in Southwark.

The main event will take place on Thursday 22 November at the County Hall Gallery (We Collect’s latest project in London), situated on the South Bank of the River Thames beside Westminster Bridge, opposite the Houses of Parliament, where the Saatchi Gallery was based from 2003 to 2005. The session will conclude with the performance ‘Waste or not to waste’ (first performed in Estonia a few weeks ago) by the London-based Spanish artist Susana Sanromán.

Five projects were selected for the Biennial this year by a group of six art professionals, and the five have been awarded €3,000 each.

These are the art projects selected for the Women in the Visual Arts Biennial 2018:

Woman go no’gree. Gloria Oyarzabal. Madrid
Women Environmentalists in Contemporary Art. Verónica Álvarez. Madrid-Huelva
The Boogie – Woogie Ghost. María Jerez y Silvia Zayas. Madrid
Lina Bo Bardi’s Great Mechanical Cow. Mara Sánchez Llorens, María Toledo y Manuel Fontán del Junco. Madrid
Mortar, Sound Platform. Mariana Heredia, Carmen José and Marina Rengel Lucena. Kassel – Madrid


The Women’s Views Biennial is held by MAV, a women’s art organisation in Spain which protects and supports women in art. The organization strives to support its members and women artists in all areas, through research, exhibitions, programs, and education. Its aim is to promote female artists and help them to achieve effective equality in the Art community.

MAV works through a vibrant community of professionals: artists, critics, collectors, curators, designers, publishers, researchers, gallery owners, managers and specialised journalists.

BRIT ES Magazine

Brit Es Magazine is a cultural platform where contemporary British and Spanish culture are brought together. Their aim is to promote the work of Iberian and Latin American artists to an international audience to encourage tolerant societies, opening an intercultural dialogue between citizens.

For Brit Es, the internationalization of artists is directly linked to freedom of artistic expression. They produce curated contemporary cultural editorials and events creating and contributing to the development of ideas and art strategies which address the world in all its complexity and also create opportunities for emerging creative people

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