ARCOMadrid 2019: Copperfield, London presents a solo booth of Óscar Santillán into the Opening Section

by Brit Es Magazine

For a second year, Copperfield London will take part in the next edition of ARCOMadrid 2019 into the Opening section, from 27th of February to 3rd of March, with a solo presentation with Óscar Santillán. The Opening section, under the curatorship of Tiago de Abreu Pinto and Ilaria Gianni, who have selected 19 galleries, including Copperfield, to present together with a plural geographic and generational perspective.

Oscar Santillan (b. 1980 Ecuador) is interested in connecting distant points: the sweat of a person with the beat of drums, paper made out of a medicinal tree with Nietzsche’s typewriter, or bringing together the breeze displaced by a running jaguar and a marble container. Oscar Santillan studied at Escuela Superior Politecnica del Litoral (2007). He holds an MFA degree in Sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University (2011); attending residencies at the Davidoff Art Initiative, Skowhegan, Seven Below and Delfina Foundation.

Imágenes courtesy of IFEMA/ARCO © ‘Phantom Cast’ by Óscar Santillán / Wooden box and HD video. A phantom leg captured in a wooden box (performance filmed at Oude Kerk Amsterdam). Dimensiones : 32x65x28 n/a | 4h 37m

Óscar Santillán:
ARCOMadrid 2019:



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