IberoDocs, our favourite film festival in Scotland is back is back to celebrate its 4th edition

by Brit Es Magazine

Our favourite film festival in Scotland is back! IberoDocs, focused on documentary films by Spanish, Portuguese and Latin- American filmmakers is bringing this year 15 award- winning films (of which 14 are premieres in Scotland) cover 11 countries and 10 different languages.

This year they have put together screenings and art exhibitions whose themes intersect, interconnect and reappear, approaching life from very different perspectives – one that takes control over different experiences and situations and another one more observational.

‘Ada for Mayor’ provides the festival with its opening shot and lead us into the first of the five topics encountered in the 2017 programme: social and political Activism –also visible in ‘Pizarro’.

Women Empowerment in a broad sense is a recurring issue as well. You may find it inAma-San’ and The pretty ones’. Some of the documentaries aim at raising on purpose around welfare. Which is much appreciated in these times!

Also IberoDocs explores the end of life, retirement and peace through the screening of ‘Suddenly My Thoughts Halt, I’m Not From Here and Still Here’ and focus on the experience the course of life through the frame with a retrospective of great Ricardo Íscar, the master of documentaries.

The festival also features inspirational documentaries of renowned directors that have travelled to other countries in order to capture different cultures. These films are gathered in the topic ‘Outside Gaze’ (El Dorado XXI ) and have included the topic ‘Films about Film’, comprised in ‘Cinema Novo’ and ‘Rest In Peace, Mr Hooper’.

Last but not least, an exhibition curated by our colleague Ana Gonzalez Chouciño was opening last 1st of May under the title ‘Film Is a Painted Mirror’. The show presents the work of eight artists: Carolina Cancanilla  (Spain), David Guillén (Spain), Ignacio Wald, (Spain) Kuba Parus (Poland); Marta Girón Adán (Spain); Ross Fraser McLean (Scotland); Sandra Franco (Spain) and Víctor Tenorio (México-Spain). “Film  is  a  painted  mirror”  according  to  Ettero  Scola’s words, because the gaze is never innocent. With  this  exhibition,  IberoDocs  creates  a  game  of  mirrors  to  talk  about  Ibero-America,  its  stories  and  its  reflections.

At Brit Es we are very proud of being Media Partners of this fabulous festival that grows every year bringing us the best of Ibero-American documentary film.

IberoDocs website: www.iberodocs.org

To check out the full programme click here.

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