Jazzoleá brings to London the spirit of Andalusia with the rhythm of swing

by Brit Es Magazine
Jazzoleá at Tuned In London
Wed 19th April 2017

Made up of artists from Seville, Barcelona and London, Jazzoleá captures the mystery of Flamenco, channels it through that ever changing phenomenon we know as Jazz and adorns it with a dance form which merges the spirit of Andalusia with the rhythm of swing. Esther Weekes combines these two dazzlingly masterful talents, singing & dancing, in this unique & spell-binding collaboration.

Esther Weekes: Jazz voice & Flamenco dance
Demi Garcia-Sabat: percussion
Pablo Prada: Flamenco guitar and bass guitar

Recent festivals include “Cadiz Jazz Festival 2016”, “Festival de Jazz Ceuta 2016” and the “Fiestas de Patron, Jerez de la Frontera 2016”.

Born in London, Esther Weekes is as much involved in the world of music as in the world of dance. Both a singer-songwriter and a flamenco dancer, she has studied and performed in Spain for over a decade. As a jazz and blues singer, Esther has taken part in a wide range of concerts and festivals in Spain. She has collaborated with noted artists such as Raimundo Amador and Lolo Ortega. Esther has studied flamenco dance in Madrid, Granada and Seville under the guidance of “Maestros” such as the late, great Mario Maya, Eva Yerbabuena and Farruquito. Possessing the unique capacity to both sing jazz and dance flamenco, Esther is a pioneer in the jazz- flamenco movement.

The venue, Tuned in London, is a deliciously sumptuous sofa-filled home-crafted cinema like none other, housed in a beautiful building oozing the history both of the neighbourhood and of costume creation. Even the loos are like none other in London!!

Jazzoleá at Tuned In London
Wed 19th April, 7.45pm (doors 7.15)
Sands Films, 82 St Marychurch St, Rotherhithe,London SE16 4HZ
More info: www.tunedin.london

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