Spanish Artist José Carlos Naranjo one of the ten artists shortlisted for the Griffin Art Prize 2015

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Spanish Artist José Carlos Naranjo (Villamartín, Cádiz-1983) is one of the ten artists shortlisted for the Griffin Art Prize 2015. A showcase exhibition of their works will be held at the Griffin Galleryfrom Thursday November 19 to December 19 2015. Judges Emma Crichton-Miller, Jenni Lomax, Jenny Linden-Urnes and Stuart Semple will meet at Griffin Gallery to select the winner who will be announced at the exhibition Private View on Wednesday November 18.

The winner of the Griffin Art Prize 2015 will have a large, well lit studio space with a supply of materials of choice from top fine art brands: Winsor & Newton, Liquitex and Conté à Paris. The studio is located next to a state of the art Innovation & Development department, where chemists work on the development of fine art products. The winning artist will have the time and space to produce work towards a one person exhibition at Griffin Gallery. Accompanied by a catalogue, this exhibition will be an outstanding individual showcase.

José Carlos Naranjo Bernal lives and works in London. His work responds to a new pictorial trend based on the construction of a new figurative language itself, the product of the younger generation. The immediate urban environment is the theme chosen to locate some anonymous characters caught in the middle of the night in rare and relaxed attitudes, usually associated with recreational activities, stripped of all solemnIity, which is unusual in the genre of painting. 

If the theme employed plays a key role in shaping the new language, no less contemptible in his compositional structure, directly related to photography, as much as in the framing as in the flash lighting. Similarly, the use of a very loose technique allows  to emphasize the casual nature of his paintings and to create a deliberately informal finish. A flash of light reveals the protagonists in flagrant action embodied through a beam of white light and acid colors, as a foreground in focus, emphasized on a very contrasted dark background inherent to nightlife.

The shortlist exhibition is a popular and well attended event that attracts collectors, critics, art world professionals and the general public. The winning artist’s solo exhibition at Griffin Gallery is a high-profile showcase accompanied by a catalogue.

From Brit Es Magazine we wish him all the best!

Cover image © José Carlos Naranjo / Title: Estudio de luz II (2015)/ Oil on canvas / 30 x 40 cm


Griffin Art Prize Shortlist Exhibition 2015
19 November – 18 December 2015 
Exhibition of work by the shortlist of ten artists for Griffin Art Prize 2015.: Alastair Gordon, Lewis-John Henderson, Alice Mendelowitz,  James Metsoja,  Jose Carlos Naranjo,  Jack Otway, Thomas Qualmann, Katrine Roberts, Zsofia Schweger and Jaeyeon Yoo

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