Saint John’s Church in Berthnal Green presents ‘Wandering’ by Gloria Sulli and curated by Miguel Mallol.

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Saint John’s Church in Berthnal Green presents a new exhibition by Gloria Sulli titled ‘Wandering’ curated by Miguel Mallol. From 3rd March to 7th April 2016.

“WANDERING” a contemporary art installation by Gloria Sulli.
Curated by Miguel Mallol / Phography by Tiago Correia / Graphic design / Lighting design: La mia Paura è Bianca

Saint John’s Church in Berthnal Green presents a new exhibition by Gloria Sulli titled ‘Wandering’ curated by Miguel Mallol. It is a site-specific sculptural installation project that takes its inspiration from plankton. Plankton, from the Greek πλαγκτόν, means ‘wanderer’. Unable to actively impact its own movement, it is transported passively by the currents and waves. Plankton is the blue lung of the Earth, as it produces 50% of the oxygen on the planet through photosynthesis. The myriad of different organisms from which it is composed are among the most ancient from an evolutionary standpoint since life began in our oceans. These species differ significantly; they are divided into prey and predators, parasites and guests, couples that live in harmony and form a true community. The tiny creatures of the sea are more numerous than the stars in the universe and are the foundation of the earth’s food chains. These incredible features make plankton a strong inspiration for Gloria Sulli’s spiritual quest. In studying these organisms, she discovered brilliant metaphors on how humans live and reference points that allow us to evolve spiritually.

Wandering: learning to abandon tensions, without the desire to intervene, without chasing, allowing the events to how, learning to see the world, knowing that everything we see and understand is altered through our unique experience and our limited, changing emotionality.

Gloria Sulli is an Italian conceptual artist and sculptor working in various materials and disciplines but mostly in metal. Her identity reflects the mechanical equipment she uses to make most of her metal-based art.

Miguel Mallol is a Spanish independent curator and art critic based in London. After finishing his degree in History of Art he was living and working in Venice for six years. He arrived in London in 2011, since then he has collaborated for several Art Galleries and International Art Fairs including Pinta London and ArtRooms2015. Since December 2014 he works as Independent curator for projects in UK and abroad.

This event is listed within Whitechapel First Thursdays.

‘Wandering’ a contemporary art instalation by Gloria Sulli
Saint John’s Church:
From 3rd March to 7th April 2016
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Opening days from 3rd of March to 7th of April:
– Every Thursday and Friday from 6 to 10pm
– Every Saturday and Sunday from 12am to 6 pm Except Friday 18th that we will be opened from 12am to 6 pm
– Easter week: Good Friday or Easter Saturday/Sunday and other days only upon appointment:

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