Landscapes of the Memory: Aitor Frias & Cecilia Jimenez

by Brit Es Magazine

Landscapes of the Memory
8th – 25th September 2015
The Gallery Print Centre, London

Aitor Frias and Cecilia Jimenez (both born in 1985) are a couple based in Granada (Spain). They have built together their own vision of Art, a vision that transcends the different periods and artistic disciplines, assuming that everything said so far by humans, from cave painting to the most avant-garde works of recent decades remained etched in our collective memory thanks to Globalization. From this concept arises their artistic project entitled “Landscapes of the Memory”.

This project is an abstract look at the nature and subjectivity of collective and personal memory. With this series they hope to capture the moments recorded in the retina of a child who then found, through art, how to remove them from their memory and make them real again. They are trying to move in to the space where Light collides with Darkness and Imagination meets Reality, showing fragments, moments, images that resemble the jigsaw pieces of a puzzle, of which some parts are left for the viewer to imagine and fill in the blanks.

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