Joan Miró & Pablo Picasso at ‘Master Graphics, The Art of Printmaking’ at Halcyon Gallery

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Picasso at Halcyon

1 July– 31 July / Halcyon Gallery, London  
Master Graphics – The Art of Printmaking
Featuring artists: Marc Chagall, Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol.

From 1st July 2016, Halcyon Gallery will present ‘Master Graphics – The Art of Printmaking’, a rare and insightful collection of works on paper. Featuring art by the leading artists of the twentieth century, this exhibition is a must-see for art lovers and collectors alike. The exhibition includes works of two Spanish artists: Joan Miró and Pablo Picasso.

‘Master Graphics – The Art of Printmaking’ encompasses works from practitioners on both sides of the Atlantic. Important works by Henri Matisse, Joan Miró and Pablo Picasso are displayed alongside the early Pop protagonists Lichtenstein, Haring and Warhol. From etchings to aquatints, lithographs, carborundum prints and portfolios, Master Graphics is a vivid and exciting culmination of the very best printmaking on display in Halcyon Gallery.

Since the 16th century, printmaking has held an exceptional place in art history and prints now play a major contribution to museum collections and retrospective exhibitions. Master Graphics – The Art of Printmaking conveys the progression in time of prints – through the delicacy and depth of tone, variation in colour, diversity of line and the emotion conveyed.

With a specialised knowledge of the art market and a passion for printmaking, Halcyon Gallery have extensively researched and acquired particular and sought-after editions. Master Graphics – The Art of Printmaking offers a rare opportunity to view an integral piece of an artist’s oeuvre and explore collections of remarkable art.

To celebrate the art of original print making, the Halcyon Gallery has set up a special interactive print making demonstrations in the gallery during the month of July, click here to know more about it.


Described in his obituary in the Times as ‘the most famous, the most controversial, in many ways the most influential and undoubtedly the richest artist of his age’, Picasso was a painter, sculptor, printmaker and ceramicist who created an estimated 50,000 works of art over a period of some 80 years. With Georges Braque, he is credited as having initiated Cubism.

A Catalan painter, sculptor, printmaker and decorative artist, Miró is best known for his semi-abstract fantasy forms and dream landscapes. In Surrealist images of floating amoebic shapes and in threatening lithographs denouncing war he commentated on the relationships between nature, art and twentieth-century society.


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Cover images © Left: ‘Tête de femme’, Pablo Picasso / Right: ‘Gaudi XVII’, 1979, Joan Miró

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