Duncan Dhu please London fans with their latest tour “El Duelo”

by Brit Es Magazine

Hundreds of attendees flocked to Scala to enjoy almost two hours of live music in a concert where they played their greatest hits and unveiled their new album.

Duncan Dhu presented their new album to the London public last Saturday the 22nd of February. The venue was Scala, near King’s Cross, which sold out a few days beforehand. Hundreds of attendees flocked to the venue eager to enjoy the two hour-long gig in which the band revisited all their greatest hits and unveiled their new album “El Duelo”.

Because good things come to those who wait, Mikel Erentxun, Diego Vasallo and their band came on stage fifteen minutes late. However, they did make up for the waiting time with an intense performance that pleased all their London fans.

Photos © Alberto Cribeiro

Photos © Alberto Cribeiro

The concert started with a guitar solo from “Cuando llegue el fin”, with the audience signing along with gusto. Next, Erentxun welcomed the public and thanked everyone for coming along to the gig; he was especially pleased to see such a great turn out the day before his birthday.

From the very beginning, the public was completely devoted to the band and sang along to every single hit, from their most popular songs such as “En algún lugar” to the ones from their latest album “El Duelo”, which was released last year. One of the crowning moments was during “Una calle de París” when the music stopped and the public were left singing the lyrics a capella.

Photos © Alberto Cribeiro

Photos © Alberto Cribeiro

The closing section of the concert was particularly thrilling with mega-hits “Cien gaviotas” and “Esos ojos negros”. Erentxun, overwhelmed by the passion shown by his UK based fans, tossed his guitar to a member of the staff. Then, unburdened and feeling free, he jumped onto one of the speakers and shook his body wildly in time with the rhythm of the band, showing that despite three decades in show business, Duncan Dhu still feels young.

The clock was striking midnight when the lead was surprised with a strawberry and cream cake to celebrate his 49th birthday. The public, accompanied by the band, sang “Happy Birthday” to a delighted Erentxun.

It was already past twelve when Duncan Dhu said goodbye with “Mundo de cristal” and received a well deserved applause from all the attendees.

After the concert, the promoter Rock Sin Subtítulos had organised a Mega Spanish Party that lasted until 6am. For six hours the DJs brought the last three decades of Spanish pop and rock back to life, with a great mix of tunes that also included the top international songs of the moment to the delight of over a thousand Spaniards and hispanophiles.

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