The Cervantes’s Theatre autumn season comes with a great programme made by women!

The Cervantes Theatre (London) announces 5 productions of new plays comprising the New Spanish Playwriting Season III, the Spanish Contemporary Theatre Season II, and for the very first time, a late Autumn reading of a Spanish Golden Age piece.

Most of the plays are directed by women, within total 7 female authors, 6 female directors and 5 female translators showcasing (plus around 20 actresses). Everything shown in this programme will be available in both English and Spanish on different days.

  • The Eyes of the Night, Los ojos de la noche written by Paloma Pedrero, translated by Catherine Boyle.
  • Run!, ¡Corre! by Yolanda García Serrano, translated by Jessica Rainey.
  • Stupid People, Gente Estúpida by Daniela Fejerman, translated by Hayley O’Kell and María Bastianes.
  • Courage, Outrage and Woman, Valor, agravio y mujer by Ana Caro de Mallén. Translated by Catherine Boyle.
  • The House of the Spirits, La Casa de los Espíritus by Caridad Svich after Isabel Allende.

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